What To Talk About On A First Date And Not Be Awkward?

I like first dates! Just joking. First dates can be a very daunting thing when it comes to relationships. No matter the number of you’ve been on, or how unshakably confident you are, a very first date means that you are taking time that you might be spending on Netflix to sit across a stranger.

What to talk about?

You need ice breakers, light-hearted inquiries, questions that provoke small talk, laughter, and thought, in addition to concerns that dig a bit much deeper and exceed the shallow.

Find out what type of person the other party is.

Imagine if your date viewed every tv series ever produced in Singapore, and you are an active man who can’t stand to be inside, well, that reveals you might not be super compatible. Find this out fast, and if your interests and visions are aligned, then talk more about your interests since they are similar! Otherwise, you could move on to other topics.

Is he or she a thrill-seeker or a totally free spirit?

Find out if he or she been running with bulls or scaled a mountain. You can see if your characters and interests jive, too.

Find out what he or she is into

Odds are you will not be going on an overseas trip on the first date, you can find out what he or she likes about travelling, if he or she is into it. If the person loves museums and monoliths, you can infer they are a history buff– or even better, ask a follow up question if he or she a history enthusiast!

Key is to listen

As you can tell, the key to communication is really to listen, and then use whatever is talked about as the next topic. That way, you can easily avoid the awkward silence during dates.

If you are not sure where to even go on your first appointment, here are some suggestions!

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