Problems With Online Dating Apps And Why They Are Failing

Here are some of the common problems with online mobile dating applications and why they do not work for a vast majority of people and why people still turn to Singapore matchmaking agencies when it comes to serious relationships.

Many users are actually inactive and no longer log in but did not delete their old profiles

First of all, many users and profiles are inactive. If you are wondering whether that person you messaged is not interested in you or is inactive, there is about an equal chance it could be due to either reason. Some people try tweaking their messages each time to garner a better response, however, still fail miserably. It could be partly due to many profiles are actually inactive but the application still shows you their profiles to make you feel as though their application is bigger than it actually is!

Some users are there purely for validation purposes

Second of all, some users are there purely for validation purposes and not interested to actually reply to nor meet anyone on the application. There are people who create such a profile, and then put up a description and a few nice photos of themselves to feel validated. There are people who use Instagram likes as a way to validate their self worth, and there are probably more than a few who are guilty of this on dating applications!

These mobile applications are heavily photo centric only

Third of all, these applications are heavily photo centric. It nearly does not matter how your personality or other traits and attractiveness is. Even if you are handsome or pretty, if you do not know how to take flattering photos, forget about trying to achieve even a few matches on such applications.

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