How To Attract Singaporean Guys & Make Them Go Gaga Over You

The easiest way is to actually look for a Singapore dating company like ours. That is especially the case if you are a busy working professional – take a quick look here at the demographics of our average client.

Keep your hair length long for sure

First of all, you definitely want to keep your hair long. And I mean, extremely long. In fact, majority of them dislike short hair on a female. Singaporean guys enjoy long hair. In fact, practically every social media star in Singapore sports long (a minimum of shoulder-length) or incredibly long hair. Worldwide of K-pop, this is even more apparent. With the exception of the extremely charismatic Gain from Brown Eyed Girls, every one of these K-pop appeals have extremely long hair. So save cash on those hairstyles. It’s not the shape or the current hair colour that will turn Singaporean men’s heads, but the long, flowing thick locks. At least this is a simple tip, and not expensive at all!

Avoid overly done make up or hairdo

Second of all, avoid overly heavy makeup too, and the extremely ‘done ‘hair. Sweet and easy does it. Take your cue from celebrities such as Felicia Chin. Ask any Singapore man whether they consider these women as beauties. These women are definitely ranked highly on their lists! However, here is a big disclaimer for you right now. A big word of caution when attempting the ‘girl-next-door’ look. While men state they like a ‘natural appearance’ or also known as the ‘no makeup’ look or simply the ‘just out-of-bed’ look, they really mean with make up still. Men are not good at detecting if a woman has make up on. They do not want you to actually look pale and have no make up on, at least, not when you are first trying to attract them! Sadly, they have no idea this appearance actually takes effort to achieve!

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