First Date Ideas In Singapore That Won’t Bore Your Date!

Here are some of the best first date ideas for you in Singapore which are a little more unique and special than the run of the mill movie and dinner date. If you want your date to actually remember you more than just a typical guy or girl, then read on and use these first date ideas or use them simply as inspiration for your unique spin on ideas! If you need matchmaking services, then you can contact our dating agency.

Remember, it should be something that is seen as relatively casual and all, and maximize interaction time between you both! While you may be worried about awkward silences, we can guarantee that awkward silences once in a while is going to work far more in your favour than you two going out and never interacting such as at the movies!

Cafe hopping

First of all, you could go café hopping in Singapore. Since most people in SG love to eat delicious food, it is a safe choice. Remember, the goal is to just enjoy yourselves at the cafes, not to actually fill yourself up as much as possible! The best way to achieve this successfully if you are a big eater is to eat some food first before going on such a date. This way you do not feel annoyed just in case the other party is a small eater.

Cosmic bowling

Second of all, you could do a chill indoor sports like cosmic bowling! Not every person will agree to a really adrenaline pumping outdoor sports activity, however, bowling and late night cosmic bowling in particular is definitely a safe enough sport that many people will agree to if you suggest it as your first date!

Dog petting café

Third of all, if both of you like animals, and dogs in particular, try to go to somewhere like We Are The Furballs. It is a dog petting café situated within Bugis+ roof top area. The name explains it all, and it is a great place to enjoy yourselves while enjoying maximum interactions with each other too for a first date!

The key is to do something that is seen as relatively casual, allows maximum interaction and is also low pressure in that the activity does not necessarily force either party to do something that they do not wish to.

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