Demographics Of Average Clients Who Look For Us In Singapore

Have you wondered approximately what are the types of common clients who look for a matchmaking agency like us? If you have ever been curious about such demographics, then you are definitely at the right place and the right article right now because we will share with you while keeping the private details private still.

Slightly more women than men

First of all, there are slightly more women than men who look for us. Depending on the month, there is a mix of either 60-40 or 70-30, the higher end being the percentage of local women who look for services such as ours compared to that of men locally in SG.

Working professionals

Second of all, most of our clients are actually working professionals, and are white collared executives. Almost all of them hold stable jobs or run successful businesses. Therefore, throw out your idea that people who look for our type of services are desperate! In fact, most of them only look for us because they are way too busy with their careers and day to day work that they prefer outsourcing the searching for a potential date to us. This is especially the case because we are experts at helping clients find the right candidates, as we are very strict on whom we accept into our company. If we are not confident about potentially finding a client a match, your application will be rejected. That is why every one with us are actually eligible singles, just that most of them are very busy individuals and people in general!

Middle aged

Third of all, most of the people and clients who look for us are actually in their 30s and 40s. Sometimes, they are also in their 50s. Nonetheless, some of these clients are facing troubles meeting a potential date, or getting someone to agree to a date with them due to society’s idea of taboo. For instance, some younger girls may reject a relatively older guy simply due to the potential backlash from her friends and family about why she is looking for a man much older than her. That is why many middle aged men look for us. Because, we are able to help clients like this to overcome this potential barrier by being a third party. By being an outsider, we are able to ask potentially offensive questions without being offensive, as well as being able to help you sieve through and negate the potential chances of what is seen as taboo.

Legally single

Fourth of all, most of the clients are always legally single. However, an extremely small minority of them are actually married before, however, gotten out of a bad marriage. Through our phone interviews with clients, we do our very utmost best to sieve out the clients who still have emotional baggage from previous relationships, so that everyone in our system and database are actually eligible to meet and date once again.

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