Common Problems Unique To Middle Aged Men Faced In Dating

If you are a middle aged men, you probably have faced some problems when trying to date. Here are some common problems which many middle aged men and clients of ours have faced before using our dating services.

Many people already think that these guys are attached or even married automatically due to the age

Common problem number one was that many people already think that they are attached automatically. Since you are in your late 30s and mid 40s, most girls will automatically think that you are either married, too much older than them, or not even looking to date. As a result, they may overlook you entirely when it comes to making choices for men. Additionally, some may even look to you as a more fatherly figure, much more so than you being their potential date partner. This is a common issue among many middle aged men in Singapore.

The potential age gap may be seen as awkward by some Singaporean women

Another common issue is that it can potentially be seen as an awkward age. This is because some girls may be interested in you. However, due to Singapore’s conservativeness, them being with you can be seen as something taboo as you may be 10 to 20 years older than them. As a result, some of them decide to not drop hints to you that they are actually into you. While not every one is like this, a large chunk of the female Singaporean population is like this.

Smaller social circles only makes meeting people way harder – much less suitable women!

The third common issue is that your social circle may shrink. This happens to everyone as they grow older. This is because many people change their career paths, while some build their own business. Additionally, some get married, have kids and are too busy. Others even migrate permanently, and are rarely back in Singapore. All these results in a shrinking social circle. Additionally, this social circle also results in fewer and fewer singles within. This is actually a sign that if you are seriously looking to get married still, then you should contact a matchmaker at this point in time.

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