About Us

Founded in 2019, DAS (short form for dating agency Singapore) strives to be the number 1 matchmaker in Singapore... with a twist.

Unlike some other agencies, we do not necessarily strive for the largest database, the cheapest, nor the most exclusive.

However, what we focus on is what we believe truly makes our customers happy - finding them the love of their life.

We do not provide and refuse to sell you any kind of irrelevant packages, useless programs and whatnot. We will also not accept you as a customer if you only want to be placed inside our database for a low price and then treat it like a Tinder.

We want to be real matchmakers - the true modern day cupid. We are not a full service agency - we just get the job done for you. We help you find whom you want. Period.

If you judge the success of a dating agency by the number of dates they can bring you on, you're at the wrong place.

We're here to help serious, marriage minded people find their partner. Ideally, we want to provide you with the correct person within as few dates as possible.