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Are you actually looking for serious dating and look for your one true love in SG and potentially get married? Then you are on the correct dating site and page! Our matchmaking and dating agency in SG is here! We are professionals and specialize in helping Singaporean and PR singles to find their true love in SG with our personalized matchmaker services.

Think of saving years, potential stories and hours of pain with our journey. Thank you, right? People, please DM and email back with your single gender, profile, status and contact our Singapore dating agency today and start your accredited relationships status journey this year within days from now. Dates for both gender permanent resident or citizen male and female single. Straight male to female relationship chance only. Improve your chance. Embark on an exciting relationship journey and dates. Citizen or permanent resident group only.

With Us, Dating In Singapore Need Not Be Difficult

As a busy professional single, you feel that work alone is already stressful. You barely have moments to meet family and friends. Going out on a date is nearly impossible! How can you expect to look for the right one on top of your day schedule? Thankfully, we are here for Singaporean/PR singles like yourself with our dating service.

If you actually are serious about finding relationship success, then the first step is to actually message here so we can actually help you out together!

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With our dating services, we would get singles the happy butterflies in the stomach feeling again on your first date and appointment place. With our personality profiling details, planning, search and experiences of our relationship manager and dating consultant within our dating business, we increase effectiveness of our matching service. Because we look deep into every factor to help you look for that special guy or lady, when you meet your date, you would not only feel the feeling of excitement, but also that reassuring feeling you would have finally found the special one.

We Specialize In Finding You The Right One

We do this by working hard to see many number of applicants and only choose clients whom we believe that we are able to help date, create love stories and potentially marriages. This way, we keep satisfaction rate and success rate high, clients happy and thank us.

When It Comes To Your Dating Journey, You Finally Get Our Dating Consultants who Actually Help You Find Your True Love Story In Dating

We are here for one purpose only - to help you look for love, cheesy as that may sound. Let us please face the elephant(s) in the room. More than one unethical Singapore dating agency do this:

  • They offer a low end offer which you pay for and include you into something of a profile database. You are then to log in and use it exactly like those thousands of dating sites in the world which looks like Tinder or OkCupid. WHAT A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY AND TIME. No standards. Yet some of these companies can even be accredited dating agencies. Please, you can already do those for free.
  • Sell you things like speed dating events or others instead of doing what their name suggests - matchmake you with someone suitable.
  • Flaunts to you or Social Development Network their big database - of poorly qualified people. This results in you sounding like you made the correct decision when it was in fact your biggest dating mistake.
  • Tell you that number of wrong ones or events they connect you with and that you go on is valuable instead of telling you (marriage minded instead of party or fun oriented) the truth - that finding you someone you desire is most important!

In short, these other unethical Singaporean dating companies - some are even so called Social Development Network SDN accredited dating agency or media featured, do everything except what you paid these so called accredited dating agency to do!

We Don't Do Hardsells On Useless Dating Coaching Or Makeovers - We Are Just Your Matchmaking Secret!

As mentioned multiple times - our dating Singapore team are your personalized matchmakers. Number of names in our matching membership database is smaller since we focus on quality. Never profiles stand in, so it may be longer to search for your special one however we strongly believe in quality dating services. Everyone see our price links here - we believe in a transparent approach.couple image

  • Whether you found us through Google, Facebook or YouTube, send us your questions and application. Within the application, you will be providing your information as well as your ideas of 'must have' and 'good to have' requirements in your right one and matches such as rough age and anything like that.
  • Once we have an idea of that, we will process your application, and if confident about chances we can search for the correct connections within a reasonable amount of time, our dating practitioners will Whatsapp you.
  • As one of our platform members now, after a short consultation verification interview with you, our partners will headhunt and access our matching system database to look for your perfect someone.
  • After our matching process, we will inform you and request for a meet up and first date for you and the potential partner.
  • Unlike other company, you will see partial censored photos for privacy, and some basic background information.
  • Once both parties have agreed we will arrange for a meeting for both of you at a convenient day and location.

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We Help You Look For Exactly What You Desire For The Backgrounds

All these are based on your personal preferences, and what you hold dear to you and not willing to give up on.

Dating Is Tough? Actually, With Our Dating Consultant, Your Dating Journey And Finding Love In Singapore Can Be Easier!

You could simply go out on fruitless dating again, or completely fail at online dating. Your schedule may be too hectic to date in a 'normal' way! Thankfully with your relationship manager, we will be able to do the looking out for you and match you up with ideal men or women.

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You are a busy office professional and desire a real matchmaker in SG because you need to settle down and start a family now. We were founded because we find other solutions simply impractical, or unhelpful.

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